Leading Manufacturer of Cast Iron Mill Rolls in Ukraine

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Cast Iron Mill Rolls

Every year, the company produces about 12,000 tons of cast iron rolls for:

- small-grade, medium-grade, coarse-grained, wire-wound, universal, rail-beam and blank mills of hot rolling;

- pipe rolling mills, reduction and calibration plants;

- hot rolling sheet mills;

- non-metallurgical industry.


- traditional materials: cast iron with spherical and lamellar graphite;

- high alloy cast iron (ICDP, HiCr);

- Adamitic and graphitised steel.

Body Profile

- rolls with a smooth barrel;

- rolls with cast gauges.

Main characteristics

- final roll weight up to 25 tons;

- the largest diameter of the roll barrel up to 1300 mm (in final dimensions);

- the largest total roll length of up to 6000 mm (in final dimensions).

Rolls are cast both mono and double layer. The casting method is stationary and centrifugal. In accordance with the requirements of the Customer, the rolls can be alloyed with nickel, chromium, copper, molybdenum, vanadium and other elements.



JSC Dnepropetrovsk Plant of Rolling Rolls is a Ukrainian asset of the international Dneprotechservice Group.

The plant was founded in 1896 and today is one of the largest manufacturers of cast iron rolls for long, tube and sheet hot rolling mills.

The enterprise has a full production cycle. Metallurgists of almost all the largest multinational companies in the markets of Ukraine, the CIS countries, the EU and other countries know the pig-iron rolling rolls with the trademark of our company.

DZPV is certified according to the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 and guarantees the supply of quality products that meet all the necessary standards and requirements, with high performance characteristics.




ISO9001: 2015



Tons Annually 

Quality Certified



Executive Team



Sergey Dolgov


Dolgov Sergey assumed the post of director of JSC DZPV on December 17, 2019. Previously held the position of technical director. Prior to joining our company, he worked in Dneprotyazhmash PJSC as a commercial director.

Dolgov Sergey graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Dnipropetrovsk State University and received a diploma in mechanical engineering.

Ludmila Olinichenko


From 01.07.2007 Olinichenko Lyudmila was appointed to the position of Director for Economics and Finance.


Her responsibilities include operational and strategic management of the financial, economic and labor resources of the enterprise.

Cost management of the enterprise, analysis of economic activity of JSC DZPV, as well as interaction with tax authorities and financial institutions.

Oliynichenko Lyudmila graduated from the Kiev Institute of National Economy with a degree in economics and logistics planning.

Alexander Melnikov


Melnikov Alexander was appointed to the position of marketing director of JSC DZPV April 11, 2002.

In the position of marketing director, he is responsible for the sale of products of JSC DZPV in domestic and foreign markets, as well as for marketing research and expansion of sales markets.

Melnikov Alexander graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Dnipropetrovsk State University with a degree in aircraft construction.




For any questions, please contact us at the contacts below. We work from 8:00 to 17:00 Mon-Fri. Email requests are processed within 24 hours.


2 Yakhnenkovskaya Steet (Comintern)

Dnipro, Ukraine, 49025

T:+380 67 568 80 81

E-mail: dzpv@dzpv.dp.ua

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